About the Blog


The Sacred Identity Project is my personal blog exploring the sacredness found around certain highly curious creatures (known as human beings) and the rest of creation. In brief, I envision this journey to be filled with Biblical research, introspection, and various personal and general narratives. I may delve into a passage of Scripture. I may write a poem. I may write a story. I may be happy, grieving, or angry. I may write about these feelings. This blog hopes to be a sacred space that tells the story of sacred identity where the reader finds that they are not alone.

This blog also will be a part of my story of exploration. As such, it reflects my own views. As I explore various topics (e.g. suffering, forgiveness, or sacredness) I will express it through my own philosophy, but this will be in conversation with other sources and discussions. As I look at models of self-care, I will share not only objectivity but possibly subjectivity.

I am therefore treating this blog like my own playground where I allow myself the safety and freedom to have fun, get out of my head, and not overthink (too much). 🙂

I may be controversial to normative thinking within my socio-cultural circles. That frightens me a bit. It places me in a place of risk and trouble. Why is it that we do not share our views more freely? What consequences are so haunting that we are willing to move into a cave within our inner world and hide our authentic selves? Perhaps a bit of the answer can be found in the artful fiction of theologian C.S. Lewis.

“Bent creatures are full of fears” ― C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet

This blog therefore seeks to be authentically brave.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.

photo credit: peterjcoughlan Staubbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland via photopin (license)


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