My Source of Meaning


A Poem of Lament about our common struggle with meaninglessness. From time to time, I may lose my center. I may lose my sense of connection. Yet when I stop and take personal inventory within myself – I tend to find God there, waiting with encouragement.

Encounters with you God,
Seem few and far between,
What does this mean?
Is it not reasonable for me to think it — odd?

And who am I in the middle of your universe?
As my inner world fills with anxiety,
There is a struggle to show you my piety.
Where may I rest in you and just immerse?

With every breath of air,
Into myself I look deeper,
There I find my heart’s many keepers.
Traveling with fear but moving away from despair.

From the beginning you called me Beloved,
Before I ever did anything you loved me,
Before others thought of me you loved me,
Before I earned anything you loved me.
I remain your Beloved.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.


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