“Sadness, Please Move.”

not a failure

A short limerick about sadness.

I think that we can throw our sadness into an internal cage, but it has a voice and that voice is part of our overall makeup. To deny our sadness is to deny a piece of what makes us human.

How fickle you are lil’ Sadness
Sitting in your hovel of false gladness.
Come over here
I will grant you my ear
Then mayhaps you will stop your silent madness.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.


2 thoughts on ““Sadness, Please Move.”

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes, I agree, the Psalms of Lament have helped give me a lens and vehicle to process my emotions. Its also neat to me that I recently read that the “process” itself is “art.” It is fitting I think.


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