Red Tulip’s Envy

red tulip

The red tulip is a symbol of “perfect love.”

I dedicate this poem to my beautiful wife – Nikki – to whom I have been married for eight wonderful years. Without you, I would be lost.

How I cherish you,
You are a treasure from above,
You are a jewel of the most precious hue.

Even the red tulip envies you,
How perfect is your love,
It is fully beautiful and true.

I adore you my beloved,
I wish to be,
With thee,
Together eternally.

How the red tulip tries to learn from you,
You — a wonderful rarity,
You — worthy of all my sincerity,
I celebrate that you are married to me!

May we continue to bloom and grow,
As we continue to sow,
A perfect love pushing beyond any snow.
May we know that nothing can separate our love’s flow.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.

photo credit: tanakawho Duet via photopin (license)


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