Life’s passion drifts into sorrow’s nightshade,
Joy strays and begins to fade,
Until at last night breaks away,
As darkness moves to grey,
As a bright sword pierces through,
Casting glints across the landscape’s dew.

Life-light of golden ray,
Calling all into the movement of play,
Hope in the midst of decay,
A new path,
Depression — it will slay.
Finding a brighter way.

At last — sunbeam,
Cresting over troubling dreams.
An invitation to fresh streams,
And motion beyond darker themes.
No more illusions of being forsaken,
As the senses begin to awaken.

Warmth presses against me,
Calling me to be.
And now I can finally see,
Beyond my dreary sea.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.
photo credit: Re-Yk21 Schilfgras via photopin (license)


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