Kierkegaard Quote


“There is something very specific I have to say, and I have it so much on my conscience that I feel as if I dare not die without having said it. For in the instant I die and leave the world, I will–so I understand it–will in the same second–so fearfully fast it goes!–still in the same second I will be infinitely far from here, at another place, where still in the same second–fearful speed!–the question will be put to me: Have you carried out the errand, have you said what you had to, very decidedly? And if I have not done so, what then!” – Kierkegaard’s Journals, Pap. X, 6 B 232, p. 371.

photo credit: David Paul Ohmer Cincinnati – Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum “Room To Read” via photopin (license)


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