Beyond the Reef


Beyond my heart’s reef,
Lay the dreary Marsh of Grief,
Where death and life meet to compete.

To journey through there,
Is to battle despair.
It is a place where,
I mourn,
For deep within – asunder I am torn.
It is a space where circumstances are not fair,
A place that breaks,
A part of me that aches.

This chasm appears endless,
And – at times – others in my life can seem friendless.
Perhaps their own wounds shut them down,
To not be able to sit with me and hear the sound,
Of a loss within me to which I feel bound.

Now I believe that their seeming carelessness is misunderstood,
I wonder if in their own grief they have ever stood?

Still this chasm is my own and appears endless,
But hope emerges within a dark space so breathless,
As I imagine a friend that I have not noticed before,
An old friend who sat beside my first chamber’s door,
Where as a baby I washed up upon life’s shore.

I see my God who waits quietly while sitting here,
In this place where no one seems near,
A space filled with anger, sadness, and fear,
A place where everything appears so unclear.

God speaks, “You have strength,”
“And I have given you many powers.”
“I took part in making you for any of life’s hours.”
“I put a heart in you,”
“I put a mind,”
“To yourself I teach you,”
“To be kind.”

“I granted you yourself,”
“I gave you the gift of yourself.”
“So despite yourself,”
“Love yourself.”
“Take care of yourself,”
“And be yourself.”
“Explore yourself,”
“And ride the waves found within yourself,”
“Then cherish the journey of yourself.”
“Then when you are ready,”
“Impart yourself,”
“Into a world who on some level is like yourself.”

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.

photo credit: Jim Mullhaupt Sunset from Waiohuli Beach via photopin (license)


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