Being Erased


A space deep within,
Once vibrantly alive,
Is vulnerably offered to a fraudulent other,
In ignorance the other reduces this pearl’s value,
Taking for granted its nature to lovingly strive.
Emotional safety is deprived,
Trust then becomes smothered.

A part of self is left defaced,
A part of you is more than ignored but erased,
This now dead part becomes reduced to waste.

Lightning silently strikes from heart to mind,
A wave of sadness and pain rises.
The true self rushes to guard against the unkind,
A warrior’s heart arises.

A voice cries from deep within,
“Disconnection is not always a sin!”
“Break away Rescuer from this Victim of Victims,”
“They enjoy their own pain,”
“It gives them false comfort which becomes their chain.”

A prayer is  expressed,
For the heart to be refreshed.
“This part of me was erased,”
“Swiftly come with your embrace.”

The Light Breathes,
Sharing its grace,
Stepping into this once dead place,
Setting up new life and restoring this sacred space.

A newfound creation is progressively true,
“Old things are passed away. Behold, all things are become new.”
“Now an even greater gift is given to you,”
“And this time it has an even better view.”
“Once you were disgraced,”
“By another struggling with their own toxic waste,”
“Now move forward with grace.”

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.

photo credit: *nacnud* erased via photopin (license)


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