The Throes of Shadows


My heart cringes while longing for meadows,
But in an icy storm it froze,
Who was it hiding from I wonder?
God knows,
But with Amazing Grace a Spirit still chose,
To move beside me even though,
I was cast within the throes of shadows.

Anger rises as I realize that I was born as light,
But there were many lies surrounding my birthright,
Twisting thorny chains around my heart’s eyesight.
Trapping me in a bog of despairing plight,
Obscuring my sight from a nature so bright.

But then I heard a Spirit’s sound,
And I discovered that I was finally found.

A giant so big with a voice so small,
Breathing gently beside me,
In time,
With my every footfall.
Encouraging me to crawl over the wastelands,
Beyond Defeat’s illusionary high walls.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.

photo credit: Magdalena Roeseler via photopin (license)


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