A Box of Broken Crayons

Broken Crayons

I wish that I could be the perfect father to you,

But I only have a box of broken crayons – it’s true.

Your daddy wants to give the world to you,

And let your life flourish as a rainbow – with every delightful hue.

But knowing that I cannot protect you,

From the cruel,

Unjust realities of a world to live through,

I weep.

Screaming pain emerges from inside.

I am not enough,

To shield you from life’s tough stuff.

I wish that I could grant dreams,

And provide for every need,

But I look down at my own torn seams.

My blessings are small,

And they will not catch every fall.

But one day, when you step further onto life’s stage,

Take this box of broken crayons and your fresh new page,

And sit near your God with good friends and begin to color.

Then just watch as your page lights up into beautiful multicolor.

© M. Keith Sartin, Jr.

photo credit: wuestenigel Waxmalstifte / Wax Crayons via photopin (license)


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