A Celebration of Sacred Family

Keith, Nicole, and Adaleigh

Keith, Nicole, and Adaleigh

Family Arithmetics
2 (February 9, 2009)
1 (April 9, 2012)
1 (September 19, 2015)

Children are Sacred

Saturday, September 19, 2015 – Zariana Marie Sartin

Zariana Marie Sartin

Just two Saturdays ago, Nikki and I celebrated the entrance of the newest member of our family—Zariana Marie Sartin.

If I were to describe her?

  1. Cute
  3. Curious

After our first week of family time, I think I would compare it loosely to the rapid pace experienced while reading Genesis chapter 1. We barely enter into the creation narrative when suddenly the story rapidly shifts from the cosmos to the planet earth and swiftly rests upon humanity. The remainder of all Scriptures’ focus, in great summation, holds onto humanity as its centerpiece encased within God’s big story. Throughout the threads of the Sacred Writ, it is significant to notice that His attention remains upon His children.

Our new lovely daughter, Zariana, is in the delicate stage of being totally dependent on her parents. In short, she is the centerpiece of our attention.  As such, she is an adorable little queen who rules her subjects with the most charming thumb you will ever allow yourself to be pressed under. The slightest sound of a newborn can produce a wellspring of joy or utter dread (particularly during those late night hours).

In reflecting over these aspects between Zariana and I, I also consider a struggling question that we may with our Creator, “Just how focused is God on His children?”

I think that His focus is upon His centerpiece more so than we give Him credit.

Currently, then, my Zariana reveals a sacred space in my thoughts where she encourages reflection upon the creation narrative and the Creator’s presence in our present time.

The Meaning Behind the Name: Zariana Marie
  • Zariana is a unique name that means “blossoming flower of grace.”
  • Marie is a popular name that has a debated meaning. The meanings that I will cherish are “beloved” and “lady of the sea.”
Monday, April 9, 2012 – Adaleigh Joy Sartin


Three years and five months ago our first child was born—Adaleigh Joy Sartin.

And now. . .

Adaleigh at the Store :-)

Adaleigh at the Store 🙂

If I were to describe her?

  • Lively
  • Joyful

True to my oldest daughter’s middle name she is full of life and joy. It literally brings tears to my eyes as I think about how much she has already grown.

Did I mention that she is fearless? When she was one, she climbed up on a little box in our study room and began to daringly jump off simply trusting that I would catch her. I was very obliged to meet her wants. Interestingly, while she continued to do this, I began to cry. On one hand my tears were connected to the touching moment that we were experiencing together, and on the other hand I felt guilty at my own lack of trust in my Heavenly Father. What a perplexing circumstance to have with your child, right?

Part of me felt challenged. What kind of risks had I taken as a bold step towards God and His mission? Have I really trusted in God in a way where I could fall into His hands?

I believe that a child can single-handedly bring her father’s theological perspective to its knees. In this way, I find that my children (from their very beginnings) reflect the image of God to me in the ways that He has desired.

  • Adaleigh is another unique name that means “noble.”
  • Joy of course means “joy, happiness”

Marriage is Sacred

Saturday, February 9, 2009 – Keith and Nicole’s Wedding
Nikki and *

My Beloved – Nikki

Six years, seven months, and twenty days ago Nikki and I were married. 🙂

If I were to describe her?

  • Passionate
  • Smart
  • Beautiful
  • Witty
  • Fun
  • Thoughtful
  • Sacred
  • My love
  • . . . Mine 🙂

In one of my poems to her, I state:

She is the bright light in my life, 

She is the song in my heart, 

She is my lovely wife. 

“. . . God created marriage to make us holy. . .” (Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage)

Six years already and I cannot believe the adventure and distance that Nikki and I have journeyed together as a couple. In reflecting over the brief time, I pause and notice just how much I have already failed as a husband.

I think, existing as a broken man within a broken world is a difficult burden for each husband. As a man seeks to be the man that God has designed him to be, made in His image, towards his wife this called man cannot escape letting go and stepping outside of male cultural norms. Norms that would deem certain characteristics (e.g. vulnerability) as weak. Norms that would devalue the whole male person and say that certain aspects within that man are not worth investing time and energy. Male culture will go so far as to say, “You must compartmentalize yourself and this is what it means to be tough and be a man.” I do wonder if this is what God had in mind when He formed us?

In marriage, I believe that a man must embrace the identity that God desires for him and to reflect His image in the sacred space of marriage. Likewise I believe that God has the same idea for his wife.

Nikki is more than a beautiful person to me. She is the one and only person who God has positioned in my life to draw me closer to His sacredness in a way like no other person can or will. She sees me—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and I am humbled by her still accepting and respecting me despite the imperfections and blemishes upon my inner and outer worlds. She is brave and an incredible person and I am honored that she is my wife. It is exciting to imagine our future and I cannot wait to see the adventure that God has for us in the years to come. 🙂

  • Nicole means “victory of the people.”
  • Baldwin is an ancient and distinguished surname and is of Anglo-Saxon and Old German origin; it is a hereditary surname developed from the male personal name Baldwin, which was popular in England before and after the Norman Conquest of 1066.The given name derives from the Olde English “Bealdwine”, and the cognate Old German “Baldwine”, composed of the elements “b(e)ald”, bold, brave, and “wine”, friend, and is recorded as “Baldewyne”, circa 1066, and as “Balduin, Baldewin” in the Domesday Book of 1086.
  • Sartin is a rare surname of Norman French origin, introduced into England after the Conquest of 1066. The name was given to a person thought to be particularly determined or self-assured.

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